Dancers of DeNile - County Fair 2017

Photo by Pamela's PLP Photography

About Us

Dancers of DeNile is a hobbyist bellydance troupe formed in 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona by Badrea Talua, who brought her passion of bellydance with her from Kansas.  During the years leading up to 2010, Badrea taught many students who performed around the Valley of the Sun under the Dancers of DeNile name.  After 25 years of dancing, performing & teaching Badrea retired & turned over her classes & the role of troupe director to Anyanka, her student of 5 years.   

Dancers of DeNile has performed at local coffee houses, restaurants, weddings, Arizona State and Maricopa County Fairs, city festivals, fundraisers, and private parties, and has hosted monthly bellydance haflas throughout the years in the greater Phoenix area.  The numbers currently performed by the DeNile troupes are choreographed by our Director, Anyanka, or by those individual soloists, duets or trio groups.  Anyanka teaches classes at the Deer Valley Community Center in North Phoenix.  Please see the Classes tab for information on how you can take Anyanka's classes and learn how to bellydance.

Seeing the need for a beginner level performing group, Anyanka added the 
Jewels of DeNile in 2013.  This group of ladies love to show women of all ages that it is never too soon or too late to start learning how to bellydance as it promotes good health, increases mental capacity, builds self-esteem & a positive body image, promotes self love, and provides an abundance of laughter & friendship.

In  January 2015, Anyanka started teaching kids bellydance classes.  We were extremely excited to have some of her young students join our performing group.  They took the BIG stage at the AZ State Fair in November 2015 for the first time & did a wonderful job!  The kids classes  & performances ran through December 2017. We could not be happier that we have helped build the next generation of Arizona bellydancers.

You can distinguish between the
Dancers of DeNile & Jewels of DeNile ladies by the colors of our costumes.  While our main colors are teal blue (or variation of turquoise) & black, the Dancers of DeNile ladies wear accents of silver & white, while the Jewels of DeNile ladies wear accents of silver & purple.  We prefer to each choose our own style of costume based on our personal preference & body type.  We feel the different style costumes allow our individual personalities to come 
through while uniting us by costume color.

Anyanka - Director, Instructor & Choreographer

Bellydance for Kids Students - County Fair 2017
​Photo by Pamela's PLP Photography

Jewels of DeNile - County Fair 2017

Photo by Pamela's PLP Photography